How our service projects matter

Doing good things in our community. Clemmons Rotarians put service above self in many ways. Recently, one of our service projects was putting together toiletry bags for the Clemmons Food Pantry. Please read the following from one of the volunteers at the food pantry.

I volunteer at the Clemmons Food Pantry on Tuesday afternoons. When we came in there were some toiletry bags with the rotary club sticker on it. In each bag was a bar of soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a razor. We gave one to each family that came in until we ran out. Unless you're there with the clients, you don't realize what a blessing the bags were. These things are something we take for granted, but for some of the families, it's important.

I'm not on the board of the food pantry, and am speaking from a volunteer perspective as to how nice it was to have these bags for our clients. There were also some snack bags with the kinds of things they don't usually get. Again, please let Scott know that the effort made for these bags was greatly appreciated.