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Thank you for contributing to one of the most fun and engaging activities that we do as Clemmons Rotarians...and it's FREE!

Being the Mystery Rotarian only takes a few minutes of your time and allows your fellow club members the opportunity to get to know you a little better. It's like a mini-Classification Talk, without having to stay up all night to write a speech.

Fill out the form below with ten items about you. Start with things that most people don't know, then when you get to number 8 or 9, start letting them in on the secret. While you may not think the things you have done are interesting, you'll find that we want to hear a lot more about the little things that make you great!



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Things they don't know about me

What are some things you did in high school? How and where did you grow up? What kind of trouble did you get into before you straightened out?